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Lifestyle photographer specializing in food and interior photography.


Angelina Gabriela Padilla


Images surround us. They infiltrate our subconcious. A photographer lives and breaths in images. Everything is based on composition and light. I am no exception. My world feels like a movie at times, every decision based on those two items. We express it in our work but also in our everyday life.


I live in the Netherlands, was born in South America, grew up in the United States. A privilege really, to experience such different continents. It touches my work. Add to that a bit of a nerd and a very mixed taste in music and films and you will start to understand me.


As a true Aquarius, I enjoy all of it. Portraits, landscapes, food, advertising, art; you name it and I have done it, have grown from it.


Take a stroll through my website, it is still in progress but it will give you a hint of what I can do.


I am now busy developing my line of art photography for retail use, love seeing my work in someone's house or an office or at my favorite restaurant.


All photographs are copyright protected and property of Angelina Padilla


I reside in the Netherlands but can easily travel to other EU countries. Once a year in NYC working on personal art projects, if interested I Always save a few days for appointment work.

tel.: +31-55-521-8337 email: angiepicturethis@yahoo.com

Angelina Gabriela Padilla

Lifestyle photographer



email: angiepicturethis@yahoo.com